Celebrities who live in Manchester

Celebrities who live in Manchester

Celebrities who live in Manchester are plentiful. There is even a chance to meet the famous David Beckham. David is an avid supporter of the Red Devils and even has a home in the North West. To show his support, he organizes regularly held Celebrity Open Days which brings fans to Manchester to see their favourite celebrities.

Sir Paul McCartney lives in Manchester as does pop star Britney Spears. They have been frequent visitors to the UK from the USA where they were first spotted. Pop princess Britney has four homes in Manchester as well as her personal chef. Keeping up with the star’s schedule, even the simple things like washing the dishes or cooking a meal can be a daunting task for many of her fans. Having a tour guide around helps to make this task less daunting.

There is no shortage of celebrities who live in Manchester too. Football fanatics will love the amount of atmosphere that comes with a cup final or homecoming. There is even an annual celebrity picnic in April, which brings in hundreds of fans as well as celebrities who live in Manchester. The annual Manchester United football match at Old Trafford attracts hundreds of fans to the city. Some famous faces who come to the match are David Beckham, Wayne Rooney, Sir Alex Ferguson, Rio Ferdinand and Wayne Lampard.

One of the more popular celebrities who live in Manchester is musicians David Bowie and front man along with his band The Black Sabbath. They are huge fans of the city and regularly play there themselves. David Bowie was so well known in England and Europe that when he decided to come out of retirement to record new albums there were millions of fans waiting for him. The band also had their own stadium in America for their concerts. This helped them to build up a huge fan base in America and also made them famous all over the world.

Pop star Beyonce Knowles and her mother Tina Knowles are also celebrities who come to Manchester. Beyonce is an aspiring actress and singer as well as a fashion designer. Her mother is a well-known attorney and writer in the area. Her brother is a well respected stand up comedian. They both enjoy the Manchester music scene and enjoy meeting and enjoying the hospitality of fans.

Comedian Paul Murphy is another resident of the city. He is best known for his impressions on TV such as ‘Get Real’ and his one-man comedy act. He is also an accomplished author and has written numerous books including a book on travelling. He has been a guest commentator on the Today Show.

One of the most famous celebrities who live in Manchester is actor Matthew McConaughey. Matthew has won several awards for his acting ability and has appeared in some of the best films of recent years. He lives in London with his wife and two children. They have a dog called Fido. He enjoys hiking and boating, but mostly likes to hang out with his family. In fact his family owns a Chinese restaurant in West London.

The third celebrity who is a native of Manchester is musician David Bowie. He was raised in the area and went to University in Manchester, where he gained a degree in art. He went on to become one of the most popular and well known musicians of all time. David Bowie had several different musical groups throughout his career and was famous for his wearing of various bands including IRA and Sex Pistols. He has also worked with many Hollywood celebrities such as Sean Penn, Roger Moore and Gene Wilder.