Where to drink in Manchester

Where to drink in Manchester?

For a large chunk of UK history, Manchester has been where to drink in Manchester. It is where football hooliganism became an inseparable part of working-class life; it is where the Red Devils has historically won the most major European trophies; it is where the establishment of the first British Museum in Manchester started. These days, it remains one of the best places in Manchester to experience all that this great city has to offer. But it is not by any means the only place to drink in Manchester. With a wide range of venues available, there is no reason why any visitor to Manchester would not be able to find a suitable venue for them.

The Ritz Carlton: One of the most famous and popular hotels in Manchester, the Ritz Carlton, is definitely one of the places to drink in Manchester. It is located on Central Station Street, in the heart of the city center. And it is definitely worth a trip out of the hotel to check out the fine dining and boutique shopping that are offered here. Live music concerts happen on a daily basis as well as the hotel’s bar offers entertaining cocktails and libations at prices that anyone can afford.

Cope cocktail bars: Manchester has its share of excellent coffee houses such as the Anchor Bar & Grill. This place is definitely a bar you should not miss when in the area. Many people visit Manchester for a weekend and stay in one of the many cheap hotel accommodations around town. Visiting these inexpensive hotels allows them to stock up on drinks they may need while in the area. If staying in a luxury hotel, there are also many places in Manchester that have very inexpensive cocktail bars.

The Fox and Hounds: Manchester has its share of great gastro-pubs such as The Fox and Hounds, which is known for its large selection of imported beers and wines along with some great international cuisine. This pub can be found just about anywhere in the downtown area of Manchester. There are also nightclubs that offer great cocktails and live music. Many clubbers also frequent The Fox and Hounds around the Christmas and New Year holidays. During the summer months, this becomes a fun spot to party with live music and DJs.

Happy Hour: One of the most popular features of Manchester’s nightlife is the happy hour. This feature allows drinkers to enjoy special prices on their drinks after 6pm. Some of the more popular happy hour places include The Duke’s Ballroom and The Anchor Bar. Other popular happy hour destinations include The Marquee, The Globe, and The Rose. Many bars and nightclubs also participate in this program, which helps to draw in customers for the bar’s special happy hour deals.

Duchesne Street: Also located in Manchester’s downtown area, Duchesne Street is lined with pubs and nightclubs. This area is considered to be Manchester’s happening street. The name of this street actually comes from a French term that means “down the road from the city.” The most popular bars and nightclubs in this area include The Duke’s Ballroom, The Anchor Bar, and The Red Olive. Many popular cocktails and beers can be found here including The Savoy, The Smithwicks, and The Macallale.

Arndale: Also located in Manchester’s downtown area, Arndale is a quieter place to drink than the other bars and pubs listed so far. It is located a little further down the street from The Duke’s Ballroom. Most of the bars in Arndale have strict policies on no glass of alcohol allowed while inside. There are also lots of clubs and pubs here including The Anchor Bar, The Duke’s Ballroom, and The Red Olive. Many of the Arndale pubs will offer happy hour specials and deals to customers who drink their way through an entire bottle of whatever beer they happen to have available at the time. Many Arndale bars and nightclubs feature live music, dance bands, karaoke, and special entertainment on a regular basis.

As you can see, there is more to enjoying your hen night than just choosing a good place to drink. You will need to think about what time of the day you will be spending most of your time, what type of drinks you want, and what type of atmosphere you want. Manchester has it all! So, when planning your next party, make sure you take these tips into consideration as you search for the best places to drink in Manchester.